( Dad's zara shirt, Valentina & Mecca top, chanel bag, nike roshe run)
ph. by Adiputra 

A few weeks ago(i guess? I'm such a forgetful person!), i was asked to be a model for an online shop. *ALERT!* I am not so much a model(i know), but i agreed because i think it's a compulsory to try new things in life + a little addition to my income can do no wrong, isn't it?. Here's a batch of my outfit shots after our small photoshoot, i unashamedly asked the photographer to help me take my outfit shot, which he happily agreed, Thankyou! Also, this top from VM is such a versatile wear, i could easily find a match for this babe in no time! what a win.

P.S :  The next post would probably be the photo shoot shots! hopefully :)



My holiday were filled with joy when unified with good friends. I filmed a bit when I remembered I was going to do a 'holiday vlog', and it was mostly the day we went to brastagi… still, i managed to film a bit of my holiday, only a bit. And I added some pictures from instagram, because if i had not, this post would legitimately be a 'day in brastagi' post, which i think would be boring... Holiday can be super compelling(obviously), when school started, i was like 'oh man, not again…WHYYYYY' (now you know how lazy i am) and till this day, the thought is still there. Anyway, i hope you guys enjoy the video and i hope your holiday was as good as mine!


(Zara top, Forever21 pants, H&M bag, Stylenanda glasses, Birkenstock sandals, Guess watch)

Recently Guess gave me a watch to style 'em which is justified enough especially when you've realised you're that blogger with not much of an accessories on hand, so thankyou so much Katie for this watch! Denim strap, gold bezel with crystals on it, silver lug and gold second/minute/hour hand… The balance is insane, it's actually pretty irrelevant but man was it gorgeous. I wore an all black outfit -thin strap top, skinnies, backpack and my all time favourite sandals aka the birkenstock, it just felt right…

Guess' website here