flipping hairs.
that's me, by the way. 
i wish i could draw like her
bold eye make up makes things even more... bold
i want this, right f-ing now.

This is a post where most of my wish list is poured here. I hoped you enjoy this post.


 ( Asos crop top and socks, Canvas label skirt, Mango oxford, Guess watch, Topshop bag)

Yes i am experimenting with styles i'm not familiar with, how do i look? I fell in love with this skirt; unique and clean looking. Wraps and pleats into a skirt ?! That's creativity! It's not like you can see anything like this in store or online shops everyday, right..? It is their first collection and i'm in awe of every single clothing they make. You can check them here


( Cube top c/b Canvas Label, Gold watch c/b Guess, Mood ring and stone ring c/b Fairytale Undercover, Lace skirt from Asos, Nike roshe run)

It is a truth universally acknowledge, that pink is universally in every girls appreciation. That i agree, but what i truly appreciate is soft nude-ish pink like this top from Canvas label. i was stoked to see their look book because every clothing of theirs are stunningly beautiful. Their clean lines and earthy colour are what makes them distinct from others, check out their website here.

I dont wear accessories much, but when i do, i do it whole heartedly. Here are some stacked rings from Topshop, H&M and... Fairytale Undercover! The ring on my middle finger is a mood ring, it changes colour (i'm not even joking) when your mood changes. The other one on my ring finger, is a stone ring, it was said to cure insomnia, how cool is that?! Phenomenal.

Gold are timeless and naturally a charm to wear. The other day, Guess gave me 2 watches to style em', and i couldn't even figure out what to pair it with, but the more thoughts i put in, the simpler it meant to me. That any gold-made things are aesthetically pleasing, and that everything could fit the taste. Gold... are meant to lavish. 

Stay tuned !