( asos high polo neck top, DKNY sweater, forever21 shorts, zara sling bag, birkenstock sandals, Gucci watch)

There's no way to escape the black sensation, hands down. Going for the boyish but minimal kind of look, it's the repetitive combo. I'm all over it, period. oh! how's my new bangs? if you followed me on my instagram account, you would have known that i cut my bangs about a week ago. actually, no. it's fake, but i would be thankful if you guys tell me about it! 

this song will get you relax and chill, i bet.


( Mango sweater, Zara dress; worn inside, Birkenstock sandal, H&M bag) 
 ph. Jeffry

I opted for a leather dress for the base, and a sweater for the outer. And i really like the formula just because it gives a sense of mixing textures and layering. Also, I can't seem to get away from black as easy as i would expected, and i'll just leave it at that until my colourful side arises again. 

have a listen to this song i've been playing for weeks!


( diy sweater top, Topshop plaid skirt, Newlook loafer via asos, asos shades, Toryburch sling back, Mango parka)
ph. by Jeffry

 I'm afraid this bag will never make an appearance in this blog again, i was robbed, well not exactly robbed, more like a snatch, but still, it was tragic, what's left is it's sling, so sad.
 Opted for a bit of Japan/Korea fashion which extended more on layering(if you read my last post, i said something like 'venturing more to different kind of fashion styles', and here i tried). Also, i feel like the colour palette has improved, i'm actually slightly proud. Anyway, i'm 17 now! which means i'm tad old. oops, gotta go, see you in my next post!

can never doubt Cashmere Cat


 (asos tee, New Look loafer via asos, Mango trousers, h&m backpack, )

I feel like i'm boring you guys with all this basic colour palette i always seemed to be sticking up to- i've always like anything simple/minimal(gosh, this is repetitive!) with a bit of a twist that will make almost impossible to resist. Still, i'm attempting to be more venture and willing to try out more fashion style I'm yet to dose. Living in the most cosy pants i've ever owned, sad to say it's too wide and long for me to wear; i had to fold to the length that i desire, hence the sleazy foldings. 

here's a song to chill 



fresh by delvanniq featuring Aesop

chill by delvanniq featuring a white wallet

Polyvore gets me excited so easily, probably because it's a site where you can create collages based on your very own style. And as a girl who lives in a tropical climate, everything feels like wearing anything minimal all the time, regardless of how a girl really wanted a change of style by wearing long coats and beanies and what not- basically anything winter-like. This is how i'd like my pallete to be all the time. Basic black and white, clean and plain, but chic and fresh. I know i'd come repetitive for the whole time, but as for me, dressing myself in black and white never cease the fire. 

you'll love the song, i bet. gives an enjoyable feeling to start the day.


(bossini top, Gaudi skirt, Birkenstock sandal, h&m backpack, Asos Sunglasses)
ph. by Juventine 

Black is just colour that impresses me much in so many ways, i bet you guys know why, it's obvious. Anyway, my mind's blank so i won't ramble much, but Happy Valentine's Day peeps!