(Stripe top c/o Megagamie, Stylenanda skirt, Zara heels, Michael kore bag, Gucci watch, H&M rings)

 This stripe top has it all : perfect neck line, moderate sleeve length, and an ultimate easy piece to pair. When everything is basic and plain, that's the one i would like to keep. It's very important to keep everything you like, because the ones you didn't like will do nothing and left rotten(apologies for my lack of vocabulary). I feel like this outfit is a maturer side of me, i realised i don't really dress mature much, but i like dressing like one, maybe because i'm getting old day by day(throwback to the days when my style aren't clear and exact).


Just a quick update on these featurings. One interview on The Wild Magazine and the other on Guess Watches blog. Thankyou so much for the featuring ! i really don't know what to write. In the meantime, i hope you you are all well :)


 (Forever21 top; gift from Elva, Long culottes c/o Megagamie, Mango oxfords, Michael Kors bag)

Thankyou Megagamie for this amazing culottes, for i have owned the first ever culottes in my life. The sisters behind Megagamie are all such sweethearts! i did a little shoot with them in the past for their clothing line and the atmosphere were such fun and lighted, they are lovely people(they even gave me a coat which i've never used before before- all the more reason to blame indonesia's hot climate,ugh...)

My boo, Elva, gave me this top because she couldn't fit in it and decided to give it to me, thank you so much! I've always liked top that is simple and unique, so it doesn't heave you out, you know what i mean? until then, stay tuned!