Here's the shots from Premiereshouse ! i only upload some, if not i would have to edit them all, and you all know i'm such a lazy arse. What do you think? please share your thoughts if you dont mind, i love reading your comments :) Right now, i'm getting ready for my friend's birthday which will be fun because the theme of the party is 'Great Gatsby'! if i'm not busy in the latter, i would probably take a shot of my customised dress and post it here! but if you're so curious about it, my instagram will likely take endless of it.


 photo pink7.gif
 ( Mango top and oxford, Zara jeans and bag, Gucci watch)
ph. by Adiputra and Lidya

Here's another outfit post shot by Adiputra and Lidya while i was modelling for Premiereshouse for the second batch, it was great but boy, was it tiring… it wasn't hot but the modelling thing made it hot(i was literally sweating like fuck, read: showering) but i couldn't be actually happier to get my second payment! it paid off so well. I was so proud of it i showed it off almost to every of my friends lol Anyway, love this soft pink top i bought from Mango, it was very nice wearing it, i love how it goes with my torso, i sort of feel like i'm wearing nothing, which is nice. Also, i bought this top along with my new oxford which i alternate from my unattainable wish list: Acne oxford. Love 'em.


( Dad's zara shirt, Valentina & Mecca top, chanel bag, nike roshe run)
ph. by Adiputra 

A few weeks ago(i guess? I'm such a forgetful person!), i was asked to be a model for an online shop. *ALERT!* I am not so much a model(i know), but i agreed because i think it's a compulsory to try new things in life + a little addition to my income can do no wrong, isn't it?. Here's a batch of my outfit shots after our small photoshoot, i unashamedly asked the photographer to help me take my outfit shot, which he happily agreed, Thankyou! Also, this top from VM is such a versatile wear, i could easily find a match for this babe in no time! what a win.

P.S :  The next post would probably be the photo shoot shots! hopefully :)